Smart Cards

  • Smart Card Technology in Access Control

    Smart Cards in Access Control - OverviewA smart card is a typical plastic card that contains an embedded computer chip which is either a memory or a microprocessor type. The data that the chip is resp

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  • Smart Card Technology: What They Do and How They Work

    We live in a smart world where technological trends and advancements are making life easier for everyone. Making payments and shopping online across various platforms has never been this swift and sec

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  • Smart Card's Types : Hybrid

    IntroductionA smart card that contains two smart card chips – both contact and contactless chips – that are not interconnected.Example of a hybrid smart card set up:NXP Mifare S50, 1kbyte contactless

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  • Smart Card's Types : Dual Interface

    IntroductionA smart card that has a single smart card chip with two interfaces – a contact and a contactless interface – using shared memory and chip resources.Types of dual interface ICs available:NX

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  • Smart Card's Types : CPU

    IntroductionThese cards have on-card dynamic data processing capabilities. Multifunction smart cards allocate card memory into independent sections or files assigned to a specific function or applicat

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  • Smart Card's Types : Security

    IntroductionThese cards have built-in logic to control the access to the memory of the card. Sometimes referred to as Intelligent Memory cards, these devices can be set to write- protect some or the e

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  • Smart Card's Types : Memory

    IntroductionMemory cards cannot manage files and have no processing power for data management. All memory cards communicate to readers through synchronous protocols. In all memory cards you read and w

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  • Smart Card's Types : Contact Type

    IntroductionThese are the most common type of smart card. Electrical contacts located on the outside of the card connect to a card reader when the card is inserted. This connector is bonded to the enc

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