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  • Java Card for the Internet of Things : Trusted Peripherals

    The release of the Java Card 3.1 specification has helped to simplify the implementation of Trusted Peripheral use cases and will enable trust and the exchange of sensitive data at the very edge. Find out how Java Card secures the “last yard” between devices and attached peripherals

    2021/07/19 M&W SmartCard 57

  • Java Card for the Internet of Things : ecure IoT Cloud Edge

    A secure element running Java Card can play a critical role to ensure trust between the cloud and connected device. Find out how Java Card provides a secure local focal point for security policies

    2021/07/19 M&W SmartCard 50

  • Java Card for the Internet of Things : Vehicle Communication Security

    In a world of connected or even autonomously driving cars, privacy, integrity and confidentiality of the data exchanged must be paramount. Find out how Java Card based solutions can help to protect and manage the identities of vehicles

    2021/07/19 M&W SmartCard 51

  • Java Card for the Internet of Things : Smart Metering and Smart Grid

    Java Card products are widely used in metering scenarios to provide authentication and integrity services. Find out how Java Card can protect metering security credentials

    2021/07/19 M&W SmartCard 44

  • Java Card for the Internet of Things : Secure Gateway Authentication and Communication

    Java Card-based secure elements are a prime choice for implementing gateway security. Find out how Java Card ensures mutual device / cloud authentication

    2021/07/19 M&W SmartCard 35

  • Java Card for the Internet of Things: Secure Network Access and Communication

    Find out how Java Card provides the perfect environment to securely store credentials IoT device manufacturers deploy embedded SIM (eSIM) modules for consumer and M2M use cases to provide a reliable, robust and trusted access to the IoT ecosystem.

    2021/07/19 M&W SmartCard 41

  • RFID UHF Chip&Parameter

    ModelEPCUserTIDReservedUHF860-960MHzNXPUCODE7128\96\UCODE7m1283296\UCODE7xm44819664UCODE7xm+44829664UCODE8128\9664ImpinjMonza 4E4961289664Monza 4QT96(public)128(aprivate)5129664Monza 4D128329664Mo

    2021/04/01 M&W SmartCard 37

  • RFID HF Chip&Parameter

    FrequencyManufactureModelCapacityProtocolHF13.56MHzNXPMIFARE Classic EV1 S50 1K1KbytesISO14443AMIFARE Classic EV1 S70 4K4KbytesMIFARE Ultralight512bit(64bytes)MIFARE Ultralight C1536bit(192bytes)MIFAR

    2021/04/01 M&W SmartCard 63

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