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  • Checking and Signing XML Documents on Java Smart Cards- Challenges and Opportunities

    CHECKING AND SIGNING XML DOCUMENTS ON JAVA SMART CARDSChallenges and OpportunitiesNils Gruschka, Florian Reuter and Norbert LuttenbergerChristian-Albrechts-University of KielAbstract:One major challen

    2020/12/07 M&W SmartCard 8

  • RFID technology animal husbandry management provides a scientific management model

    Today, RFID technology is used in many fields such as industry, medical treatment, and asset management. RFID technology has also been adopted in animal husbandry management. The animal husbandry bree

    2020/10/26 M&W SmartCard 12

  • What is RFID? Types of RFID Tracking Tags, Their Uses, Disadvantages and How They Compare to Barcode Labels

    A Definition of RFIDRadio-frequency identification, or RFID, utilizes radio waves to read and capture information on RFID tags. RFID tags are embedded with a transmitter and receiver and may be placed

    2020/09/17 M&W SmartCard 7

  • NXP JCOP 4 Security Target Lite v3.4 12

    The Security Functions (SF) introduced in this section realize the SFRs of the TOE. See Table 8.1 for list of all Security Functions. Each SF consists of components spread over several TOE components to provide a security functionality and fulfill SFRs

    2020/07/14 M&W SmartCard 20

  • NXP JCOP 4 Security Target Lite v3.4 11

    [FDP_ITC.1 Import of user data without security attributes, or FDP_ITC.2 Import of user data with security attributes, or FCS_CKM.1 Cryptographic key generation] FCS_CKM.4 Cryptographic key destruction

    2020/07/14 M&W SmartCard 6

  • NXP JCOP 4 Security Target Lite v3.4 10

    The assurance requirements of this evaluation are EAL6 augmented by ASE_TSS.2 and ALC_FLR.1. The assur-ance requirements ensure, among others, the security of the TOE during its development and production.

    2020/07/14 M&W SmartCard 12

  • NXP JCOP 4 Security Target Lite v3.4 9

    The TSF shall enforce the [assignment: Secure Channel Protocol information flow control policy and the Security Domain access control policy] to [selection: re-ceive] user data in a manner protected from [selection: modification, deletion, inser-tion and replay] errors

    2020/07/14 M&W SmartCard 14

  • NXP JCOP 4 Security Target Lite v3.4 8

    This section defines the security functional requirements for the TOE. The permitted operations (assignment, iteration, selection and refinement) of the SFRs taken from Common Criteria [3] are printed in bold.

    2020/07/29 M&W SmartCard 24

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