Java Cards

  • JavaCard: The execution environment you didn’t know you were using

    Your SIM Card, Credit Cards, Loyalty Cards are all most likely JavaCards.This is the story of the most popular execution environment, its shortcomings, and how open source and hacking saved the day.Ac

    2020/05/25 Vasilios Mavroudis and Petr Svenda 3

  • Programming smart cards with the Java Card platform

    Java Card is an open, interoperable platform for smart cards and secure tokens. Learn about the main features of this technology (portability and security), as well as its language restrictions.The Ja

    2020/05/25 Peter Mikhalenko 2

  • Java Cards

    Java Cards are the next step in Smart Card technology. Basically, a Java Card is a smart card that can be programmed in a high level language instead of assembly language. This naturally makes produci

    2020/04/29 M&W SmartCard 4

  • Java Card: definition, use cases and benefits

    What is Java Card?Java Card is an industry-standard technology platform that was developed by Sun Microsystems (now Oracle) to enable Java-based applications - applets - to run on smart cards that sup

    2020/04/29 M&W SmartCard 6

  • Java Card v2.2.2 API Manual

    function changeFrameHeight(){ var ifm= document.getElementById("mainiframe"); ifm.height=document.documentElement.clientHeight-56; } window.onresize=function(){ changeFrameHeight

    2020/03/30 M&W SmartCard 11

  • NXP JCOP Series Chip JAVA CARD CPU CARD SPEC and Classfication Description

    NXP JCOP series chip card is a high quality and high safety solution product of NXP company. Wide application in banking&finance, mobile communication, public transportation, visits access and int

    2020/03/25 M&W SmartCard 13

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