• Are contactless cards safe?

    Contactless cards and the urban legendAre you ready to bust three myths about contactless cards?So let's jump right in.#1 Can someone read my card from a distance?The myth says:Fraudsters would be

    2020/05/26 M&W SmartCard 1

  • EMV chip cards and technology basics

    What does EMV stand for?EMV is short for Europay, MasterCard, and Visa, the 1994 founders.The EMV standard is a secure technology that is used worldwide for all payments done with credit, debit, and p

    2020/05/26 M&W SmartCard 2

  • EMV in the U.S. (2020 update)

    Improving security, slashing fraud, and enabling cardholders to use their cards abroad with much more convenience – EMV cards are in the U.S. to stay.And contactless payments are to come as well.Here

    2020/05/26 M&W SmartCard 2

  • RFID Frequencies and Transmission Power

    Following the chart is more detailed information on UHF and EPCglobal standards by Country.Note that in Europe there are numerous different frequencies and different maximum power regulations. Some of

    2020/05/25 M&W SmartCard 1

  • Using RFID for Inventory Management: Pros and Cons

    In the ever-evolving world of inventory management, there’s a constant focus on improving efficiency. Companies of all sizes are regularly evaluating their current capabilities and finding ways to squ

    2020/05/19 Shelly Stazzone 3

  • Contactless Payments Security Questions & Answers

    Click here for the PDF version of this Q&A document.The Smart Card Alliance developed this document to address questions about contactless payment security. The questions and answers below apply t

    2020/04/23 M&W SmartCard 1

  • Contactless EMV Payments: Benefits for Consumers, Merchants and Issuers

    Click here to download the white paper.A contactless payment is a payment transaction that does not require physical contact between a consumer’s payment device and a point-of-sale terminal. The consu

    2020/04/23 M&W SmartCard 1

  • NFC Frequently Asked Questions

    Download the PDF version of the FAQThis FAQ was developed by the Smart Card Alliance to answer questions about Near Field Communication (NFC) technology and NFC-enabled applications.What is NFC?What a

    2020/04/23 M&W SmartCard 3

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