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Supermarket card

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Software name: Small chain member management software (Internet operating version); version number: V3.0.

Software Description: This software is suitable for enterprises with fewer branches and better network conditions, and issues membership cards with stored value and credit functions. The head office runs the member management background software, and the branch cash register PC connects to the card reader. As the card consumption terminal, the branch PC communicates with the background software through the network to complete various types of membership card transactions. Applicable to magnetic cards, M1 cards, CPU cards, etc.

System icon:

Mingwah Aohan Smart CardMingwah Aohan Smart Card

Software features:

  • Consumer terminal management: terminal information, permissions, parameters, monitoring and management functions.

  • Member Information Management: Manage the member's ID number, name, gender, birthday, card expiration date, type, password, address, phone number, income and other information.

  • Card issuance: User card issuance.

  • Operation rights management: divide functional module permissions and assign corresponding permissions to operators.

  • Recharge management: recharge the card and extend the validity period of the card.

  • Consumption: Deductions for account deductions.

  • Product warehousing: You can enter the product name, quantity, unit price and product barcode information.

  • Commodity inventory: Count the quantity of goods in stock.

  • Integral rule management: Set the rules for generating points.

  • Redemption of points: Redeem points.

  • Report function: terminal transaction statistics, consumption, recharge, membership, card purchase information, expired cards, points, card withdrawal, product information, abnormal transactions and other reports.

  • Operator log: Record and query operator operation information.

  • Small ticket printing: print out the voucher for consumption or recharge.

  • Reporting loss: After the card is lost, it can be reported. If the card is lost, the card cannot be recharged.

  • Replenishment card: Reissue a new card to the customer after the card is lost.

  • Key Settings: Used to manage cards (ICs).

  • Card refund: The card-returning account is divided into two types: deposit and no deposit.

  • Transaction inquiry: Query transaction details by time, card number and name.

  • Recharge inquiry: query the recharge details according to time, card number and name.

  • Database management: Backup and restore of the database to prevent data loss.

  • SMS function: recharge, consumption SMS notification, promotion information release, birthday congratulations.

Operating environment:

  • Client PC: Hard disk 500G or more, graphics card 256 megabytes or more, memory 2 G or more.

  • Internet: Both the head office PC and the branch PC can log on to the Internet.

  • Operating system: Windows XP, Windows 2003, Winadow 7, Windows Vista.

  • Database: Access2000, Access2003, Access2007 (Windows operating system comes).

  • Card reader: Minghua card reader.

  • Scanner: Supports most mainstream brands.

  • Small ticket printer: POS 58 series.

  • SMS gateway service. 

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