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RFID medical management

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RFID medical industry management is currently using RFID radio frequency identification technology for medical solid waste, hospital service management, hospital personnel management, surgical equipment management, drug sales and other subsystems to quickly and accurately identify product information, and complete it automatically or unattended. Innovative management mode of material entry and exit and personnel positioning.

The main implementation methods are medical solid waste management: each bag of medical waste is affixed with RFID electronic tags, and RFID readers are installed at the garbage storage location to read the garbage bag or garbage bin information in and out and use the system management software to manage the innovation management. Mode

RFID hospitals are managed by the hospital's doctors and nurses uniforms, patient uniforms, bedding, sheets (collectively referred to as the clothing) installed RFID electronic tags, using RFID countertops, handheld, fixed readers and other automatic identification registration, served Intelligent management mode for inventory management, such as inventory, service, recycling, service status, service tracking, automatic sorting, etc.

RFID surgical instrument management is a fast multi-label reading capability with RFID radio frequency identification technology, which can make surgical instrument management more intelligent. The specific implementation method is to install a small RFID electronic tag on each surgical instrument, install an RFID reader or a handheld terminal in the link that needs to be identified, and accurately identify each occasion that needs to be inspected and identify the surgical instrument to reduce Errors occur and improve management efficiency.

RFID drug management: As a special commodity for treating people and protecting people's health, medicines have important requirements for the information management of production, circulation and use. RFID technology is currently the best automatic identification technology and its own anti-counterfeiting ability. The information management in the pharmaceutical industry has great revolutionary significance. In the production process of pharmaceuticals, the accurate identification and effective management of raw materials is the key to the quality assurance of drugs; in the circulation, rapid identification and anti-counterfeiting ability can effectively provide drug supply chain management efficiency and effectively prevent counterfeit drugs from entering the market; In the use of drugs, RFID technology can effectively prevent mismatching and omission of drugs to ensure the successful implementation of treatment;

RFID hospital staff management: As a special place to treat people and save lives, hospitals have different types of people: newborn babies, patients who need special care due to illness, busy doctors and nurses, emotionally unstable families, and There are various types of medical equipment sales personnel, as well as hospital safety management personnel, and hospitals are the most incapable of personnel management confusion. With the advancement of RFID technology and various Internet of Things technologies, the development of big data technology provides a good technical guarantee for the management of hospital personnel.

As a new type of high-efficiency automatic identification technology, RFID has brought innovative management methods to the medical industry and improved the overall management level of the medical industry in the current situation of increasing labor cost management requirements.

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RFID surgical instrument management

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