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Highway ETC

2020-03-10 17:17:15 117

ETC is a non-stop electronic toll collection system. ETC dedicated lanes are used for vehicles equipped with ETC vehicle-mounted devices. Electronic charging methods are used. ETC cards are divided into two types: stored-value cards and billing cards.

Minghua ETC products are in line with China Financial Integrated Circuit (IC) Card Specification V2.0/3.0 and ETC Specification for Non-Parking Toll System of the Ministry of Communications, and have passed the Bank Card Testing Center and the National Intelligent Transportation System Engineering Technology Research Institute. Detection.

Product specifications:

  • Support the Single DES and Triple DES algorithms approved by the People's Bank of China;

  • Support line encryption and line protection functions to prevent communication data from being illegally stolen or tampered with;

  • Support 32K/8K user space;

  • Support T=0 and T=1, support TYPE A/ TYPE B;

  • EEPROM erasing life > 500,000 times.

  • Data retention > 20 years.

Success case:

  • In recent years, Minghua has participated in Hunan ETC user card, Kunming ETC user card, Guangxi ETC user card and other projects, and has achieved large-scale card issuance

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