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JCOP Manager

2020-12-07 14:15:48 4158

Mingwah Aohan Smart CardMingwah Aohan Smart Card
The JCOP Manager allows some very basic JCOP card management, including installation and uninstallation of Java applets. If you just want to check, what applets are installed on a given Java card, if you want to delete an applet from a card or if you want to install a compiled package on any of your cards, then JCOP Manager is the tool of your choice.

I made this tool, because I often have to read the indentification data or the CPLC data from JCOP cards. And sometimes, I even have to install or uninstall applets. I tried to use some of the well-know script-based tools for this, but I had to face the fact, that I'm not smart enough to handle these tools correctly. These script-based tools are by far too complex for a simple minded person like me. Hence, I created my own tool, where I can simply press some buttons instead of typing scripts.

JCOP Manager currently supports Java cards with SCP02 only. Fortunately, most of the cards that are available today, fall into this category.

So far, JCOP Manager has been tested with Java cards from NXP only, simply because I don't have any other cards.

JCOP Manager

JCOP Manager requires a PC/SC compliant smart card reader.

JCOP Manager requires Windows 2000, XP, Vista or 7.

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