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Smart Card's Types : Mifare Desfire

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Mingwah Aohan Smart Card

MIFARE DESFire EV1 is ideal for service providers wanting to use multi-application smart cards in transport schemes, e-government or identity applications. It fully complies with the requirements for fast and highly secure data transmission, flexible memory organization and interoperability with existing infrastructure. Featuring an on-chip backup management system and the mutual three pass authentication, a MIFARE DESFire EV1 card can hold up to 28 different applications and 32 files per application.

The chip's main characteristics are denoted by its name DESFire EV1 - DES indicates the high level of security MIFARE DESFire EV1 achieves using a 3DES hardware cryptographic engine for enciphering transmission data. Fire reflects its outstanding position as a Fast, Innovative, Reliable and sEcure IC in the contactless proximity transaction market. Hence, MIFARE DESFire EV1 brings many benefits to endusers. Cardholders can experience convenient contactless ticketing while also having the possibility to use the samed evice for related applications such as payment at vending machines, access control or event ticketing.

Key applications

  • Advanced public transportation

  • Access management

  • E-Government incl. social services

  • Identity

Key features

  • Fully ISO / IEC 14443 A 1-4 compliant

  • 2-KB, 4-KB and 8-KB EEPROM with fast programming

  • Secure, high speed command set

  • High data rates according to ISO / IEC 14443-4: up to 848 kbit/s

  • Flexible file structure (choice of 5 file types)

  • Choice of open DES/2K3DES/3K3DES/AES crypto algorithm in hardware

  • Common Criteria Certification: EAL4+ for IC HW and SW

  • Automatic Data Backup mechanism (Anti-tearing)

  • Unique 7-byte serial number (optional Random ID configurable)

  • Data integrity: CRC and bit counting on physical layer


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