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SSE Technologies Launches Mobile App Using PTS Software to Test for COVID-19

2020-07-29 10:30:07 M&W SmartCard 125

To support the fight against the COVID-19 pandemic, SSE Technologies has developed its Golden Test patient-tracking and data-validation application for remote testing facilities. The system uses TracerPlus, a mobile application development software suite created by Portable Technology Solutions (PTS).

Golden Test is a HIPAA-compliant application designed to assist medical professionals with patient data entry, check-in and completion of a screening questionnaire based on CDC guidelines. It allows healthcare providers to scan a driver's license through a car window, thereby minimizing patient-to-caregiver contact and increasing throughput speed.

"My daughter recently spent some time with a friend that tested positive for COVID-19," said Adam Egert, a partner of SSE Technologies, in a prepared statement. "When she developed a low-grade fever and chills, we decided to visit a drive-up testing facility that had just opened up that day. What we experienced was not up to hospital standards. While they did their best to limit patient-to-caregiver contact, patient registration was still paper-based, delaying the input process and increasing the chance of exposure. It was pretty obvious that we could improve the process with barcode readers. Golden Test was developed to help those healthcare professionals out there protecting and taking care of us with a safer and more efficient patient registration process and test sample tracking."

In addition to patient registration, the Golden Test application has the ability to track the COVID-19 testing process from administration and collection to transportation and result, while providing printable test tube labels and scannable barcodes that can be used for patient retrieval and data entry by laboratory information management systems. The app allows healthcare professionals to print QR mobile labels for patients that enable them to scan and retrieve their results, find out what to do in the case of positive or negative results, and obtain other pertinent information from the screening facility.

Golden Test can run on iOS-, Android- and Windows-based mobile phones, as well as on laptops and data-collection terminals. It is scalable to any number of needed devices, the company reports, and is available with limited to no network connectivity. "No one is immune to the effects COVID-19 has on our communities," said Brad Horn, PTS's CEO and co-founder, in the prepared statement. "We're all adapting to this constantly evolving situation and PTS is committed to supporting our customers and partners, especially those directly involved with bringing this unprecedented crisis to an end."

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