Hand-held teminal reader

HD-600 series of large color screen handheld POS Machine

HD-600 series with large color screen handheld POS, is a high-tech product with the combination fuctions of data acquisition, data processing and data communications.  Planning for customers' around

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HD-600 series with large color screen handheld POS, is a high-tech product with the combination fuctions of data acquisition, data processing and data communications.

 Planning for customers' around the clock and high-intensity work environment.It can be widely used in business POS systems , logistics management, membership management, one-card management, libraries, banks, insurance, police inspectors, hazardous materials management, inventory management, fixed asset management, production process management and other areas.

Key Feature:

  1. Support various of ISO7816 protocol contact SAM card (small card), including logic encryption card and CPU card.
  2. Support consistent with agreement of ISO14443 TypeA, TypeB contactless IC card (also called radio frequency card or proximity card), including logic encryption card, CPU cards and dual interface cards.
  3. Support the read and write of the ISO15693 protocol high-frequency (HF) electronic tags.
  4. Support 125 ~ 134KHz(etc.) low-frequency contactless ID card or tag (with customization)
    (Optional) wireless module (433M) or GPRS mobile communications:Built-in dual-band antenna;Operating frequency--EGSM:900/1800MHZ;GSM:850/190MHZ;
  5. Support TCP / IP transport protocol;With SMS (Short Message Service) function;The maximum downlink rate is 85.6kbps; maximum uplink rate is 42.8kbps
  6. (Optional) infrared interface, supports standard infrared protocol

Product Specifications:

High-speed 32-bit ARM MCU
Flash Memory:1MB~8MB;
Expand Flash:16MB;
2.8-inch, 240 × 320 TFT color display, 15x20-line Chinese characters, English can display 40 lines, large color screen, a better visual effect
24-key ,keyboard with backlight
Communication Interface
A USB interface or an RS-232 interface (check one), an IrDA infrared interface for data upload and download blacklist
Battery System
DC3.7V, 1400mAh lithium battery; long standby time, with special lithium charger
UFLash Card Interface
RTC Clock Function
Board also is equipped with backup button battery to save the clock. Power-down protection time is not lost
Support for Chinese character input
International 2 standard font GB2312-80, 36 key, support full-featured information input
IC card interface
Support up to two IC card small deck, support the contact card which meet ISO7816 standard
contactless module
Support Mifare standards TypeA / TypeB card or EM card, and Inside card
LED indicator
Ambient temperature
Relative humidity
Average power consumption<0.5W?Maximum Power<3.6W
156 (H)*66 (W)*33 (T) mm
Net weight


Common Application Type Recommended:


High-frequency contactless module

2 PSAM card authentication, on the deck as the main deck, to support all IC cards, the other as the auxiliary deck to support the SAM cards or large capacity memory card, can make multi-certified for cardholders and handheld device, etc.


contactless module

2 PSAM card authentication

GPRS module, support wireless communication



Low-frequency ID card module

2 PSAM card authentication

Application Development Platform:

C-language development and provide the secondary development of the friendly editor, compiler development platform and a rich example of the development,make the development simpler and easier.

Typical applications:

  1. Electronic ID card identification (second generation ID card, residence permit, medical assurance, driver's license, etc.);
  2. E-passport management;
  3. Professional qualification certificate management;
  4. Restaurant Ordering System;
  5. Financial escorts transfer management;
  6. Mobile payment system;
  7. Personnel identification management;
  8. Biometric identification and tracking;
  9. Special materials management;
  10. Dangerous environment poor safety management;
  11. Precious commodity security alarm management.