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J2A040 JCOP JAVA Smart Card

This J2A040 White Gloss PVC Card with Magnetic stripe is great for use where a high security solution is needed. It's ideal for multi application markets such as banking and finance, mobile commun

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This J2A040 White Gloss PVC Card with Magnetic stripe is great for use where a high security solution is needed. It's ideal for multi application markets such as banking and finance, mobile communications, public transportation, conditional access and network access.

This JavaCard 3.0.1 Classic implementation by NXP is the brand new dual-interface (contact/contactless) edition of JCOP.

Jcop J2A040 Java smar card, original chip, 40k EEPROM, JCOP V2.4.1 Revision 3, it's the updated version of JCOP21-36K JAVA smart card, JCOP21-36Khave been stop production, Although J2A040 is an upgraded version, But there are also with in-compatible cases, we suggeste customer buy sample for test and then make order.

We will provide you with this JAVA card instructions and T=0 and T=1 initiaization scripts and instruction for your initial use.

If you have used this card before, please provide ATR value and T=0 or T=1 of the information to us, we can heil you initialized before shipping.

MW JAVA CARD is based on the JAVA card platfrom TGP2.1.1, The Java Crad Operating Platfrom is a comprehensive operating system for smart cards working off the Java platfrom. The technology is used in a variety of industries.

MW JAVA CARD is best choice for the customers looking for a security and versatile card operating system. Java programming tools provide a fast  provide a fast and reliable way to develop new smart card solution.

MW JAVA CARD is available for contact, contactless and dual interface amart cards. Contact and dual interface smart vards are very popular and hot-selling. We can write ATR value for customer in the factory.

The Core of you application

  • Global Platform/Java Card use word-wide for Banking, Mobile Transactiongs, Secure identity(e.g.:ePassport, National ID Cards, Digital Signature Applictions, Heath Card,Driving Licenes),Transportation and various other applications

  • Unique Platform Design

  • Highest security and certification standards: CC EAL5+, EMVCo Platform, CAST, RISK, etc.

  • Generic MW JAVA CARD are delivered without Applets, -These products can be customized by downloading Applets to the EEPROM or FLASH by the customer to adopt them for any application/market.

  • Many big memory for choice : 32KB,36KB,40KB,72KB,80KB,144KB.


MW JAVA CARD - General version

JC2.2.2(and JCS.O.1 for ECC algos)

GP2.1.1(with SCPO1 and SCPO2)

Cryptographic algos

Symmetric: 3DES(ECB,CBC), AES(128, 192, 256)


RSA: up to RSA 2048 bits

Elliptic curves: P-224,P-256,P-384,P-521 bits On-card asymmetric key pair generation

Communication protocoisT=0,T=1,PPS,with baud rate up to 230 Kbps
Other OS features

PK-based DAP(to control the applets that can be loaded on the card)

Deledated Management Support of Ectended Length APDU

Muitiple logical Channels

Real Garbage collector(memory space can be recovered after individual abject deletion)

MPCOSE-purse & secure data management application
OATH OTPOne Time Password application
Chip characteristics

32k/36k/72k/80k EEPROM area

Embedded crypto engine for symmetric and asymmetric crytography

Life time

Minimum 500,000 write/erase cycle

Data retention minimun 25 years

Certifisationcc EAL5+

The product includes multiple hardware and software countermeasures against various

attacks: side channel attacks, invasive attacks, advanced fault attacks and other types of attacks.

• E-payment    •Transport     •Menbership & Loyaity     • Government ID

Any further query, Contact your M&W sales for details.

Product Name: J2A040 JCOP JAVA Smart Card

Chip: Original J2A040, competible with JCOP21-36K

User Memory Available: 40Kbytes

Standard Compliance: ISO 7816

Protocol: T=0 or T=1; with baud rate uo to 230kbps

Magnetic stripe: Track 2 / track 3 Hico

OATH OTP: One time password application

Erase / write cycles: Over 500,000 times

Data save: Over 10 years

Security: The product includes multiple dardware and softare countermeasures against various attacks

Card color: Wgite,pearl,metalic silver,metalic gold,printing customized

Magnetic stripe color: Black,silver,gold

Packaging Details :

100/200 pcs in a box. 

100pcs box size: 4.7"x3.8"x 2.4"
200pcs box size: 8.9"x3.8"x 2.32" 
1000pcs/ctn, size: 12.9"x9.3"x 4.7" 
2000pcs/ctn, size: 12.9"x9.3"x 9.7" 
3000pcs/ctn, size: 12.9"x12.6"x 9.7"
Weight of standard card(for reference):6.5kg / 1000 pieces.
Lead Time :1-3days

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