• P71D320 NXP SmartMX3 Microcontroller

    The third generation of NXP’s proven and reliable SmartMX microcontroller family delivers exceptionally high security, flexible memory usage, and outstanding performance across all intended applications. KEY FEATURES

    2020/07/06 M&W SmartCard 1

  • P71D321 NXP SmartMX3 Microcontroller

    The new generation of NXP’s proven and reliable SmartMX microcontroller family delivers highest security and best-in-class performance across all target applications. TARGET APPLICATIONS

    2020/07/06 M&W SmartCard 3

  • P71D320 NXP SmartMX3 Microcontroller Data Sheet

    SmartMX3 P71D320 is a secure microprocessor with full dual-interface crypto capability. It forms part of NXP's SmartMX family of products. The device is built around a proven and powerful secure RISC core. These products are ideally suited for eGovernment and payment applications requiring an economical but also tamper-proof solution, capable to withstand today's and future attack scenarios.

    2020/07/06 M&W SmartCard 5

  • Encryptionfunctions of the BASIC CARDS

    Security is the main concern for smartcardsThe BasicCard support the following crypto functions:DES and TripleDES algorithmThe DES algorithm is the internationally recognized Data Encryption Standard

    2020/07/06 M&W SmartCard 3

  • RFID vs Contactless Smart Cards

    The debate between RFID and smart cards technology is an ongoing one. There is no clear definition that describes RFID and smart cards, and at times these two terms are used interchangeably, due to la

    2020/07/06 M&W SmartCard 2

  • Complete list of APDU responses

    List of APDU responses for EMV processing with their description.Note that the same list with extended searching options is implemented in our freeware BP-Tools product. SW1SW2Info/Warning/Error/Secur

    2020/06/08 M&W SmartCard 2

  • ISO 7816-4: Annex A: Transportation of APDU messages by T=0

    A.1 Case 1A.2 Case 2 ShortA.2S.1 Le acceptedA.2S.2 Le definitely acceptedA.2S.3 Le not accepted, La indicatedA.2S.4 SW1-SW2='9XYZ', except '9000'A.3 Case 3 ShortA.4 Case 4 ShortA.4S.1

    2020/06/08 ImProgram 2

  • Converged Credentials: Understanding the Decision Points

    Multi-Application Smart Cards for Identification, Access, Payments, Electronic Health Records, and MoreConverged Credentials, or multi-application smart cards, are built on card architecture designs t

    2020/06/06 M&W SmartCard 6

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