• Java Card v2.2.2 API Manual

    function changeFrameHeight(){ var ifm= document.getElementById("mainiframe"); ifm.height=document.documentElement.clientHeight-56; } window.onresize=function(){ changeFrameHeight

    2020/03/30 admin 8

  • NXP JCOP Series Chip JAVA CARD CPU CARD SPEC and Classfication Description

    NXP JCOP series chip card is a high quality and high safety solution product of NXP company. Wide application in banking&finance, mobile communication, public transportation, visits access and int

    2020/03/25 admin 4

  • Installation of Smart Card Software

    The installation and the usage of some Smart Card software is a complex job. This document could help you to set up an environment in order to take a good way for the Smart Card's world.

    2020/03/25 admin 16

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